When should you execute a healthcare proxy? | Long Island Elder Law Attorneys - Makofsky Law Group, P.C.

In New York, the Healthcare Proxy Law requires every hospital, nursing home, and home care agency to offer patients the right to sign a healthcare proxy upon admittance to the facility. However, waiting until admittance to a hospital or health care agency to execute a healthcare proxy is the worst time to make such a decision. Often times, people are unable to make rational choices when being admitted to a hospital, whether they are unconscious, ill, or even just scared.

The best time to execute a healthcare proxy is when you can do is in a levelheaded and rational manner. At Makofsky Law Group, P.C., the experienced Long Island elder law attorneys can help you make the best decision when executing a healthcare proxy. Contact Makofsky Law Group, P.C. today at (516) 228-6522.