Medicaid Applications: Eligibility and Asset Protection

The Medicaid application process may seem daunting, complex and fraught with potential pitfalls. You want to receive benefits while preserving your assets to supplement your care, support your spouse and maintain your home.

Medicaid Planning and Application Submission

The process of Medicaid planning can take anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on your circumstances. Just remember: the earlier you start thinking about the possibility that you might one day need long term care, the easier the process will be, and more than likely, the better you will be able to protect your assets.

You may face adverse consequences if you submit an incorrect application or if you submit an application and you are not yet eligible for Medicaid. We will help you prepare to meet the eligibility requirements and help you submit your application correctly.

Making Sure You Get the Care You Need

We work with clients to learn their circumstances to determine what kind of care they need, and to help them attain it. We help clients receive:

  • Home Care: If you live at home, do you need assistance? If so, how many home care hours will you need per day? We can help you get the care you need. This will be done through the Community Medicaid program.
  • Nursing Home / Institutional Care: If you can’t live at home, we help secure the benefits needed to pay for a nursing home. This can be done through The Institutional / Nursing Home Medicaid Program.

Makofsky & Associates, P.C. works to provide our clients with effective legal advice and strategies. Based on Long Island, we have helped elder law clients in New York since 1991, and our lawyers are leaders among elder law practitioners in Nassau County and throughout New York State.

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