Care for Disabled Children and Adults

Special needs planning is important for those with a special needs child or dependent adult. It brings great peace of mind to know that your special needs child or adult will receive care even when you are no longer able to deliver it personally.

Makofsky & Associates, P.C., and its successor firm have more than a quarter of a century of experience in the practice of elder law. In addition to being lawyers, we are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives, and we understand the importance of family in the client’s life.

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Special Needs Trusts

Special needs trusts (also called supplemental needs trusts) are one of the most important tools available for special needs planning. You can create a special needs trust to provide long-term financial support for children and adults who have a disability that prevents them from being self-sufficient.

Government Programs

There are a number of government benefit programs designed to help support disabled individuals. Examples include Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicaid. We can help you identify available benefits and use our experience to help apply for these programs. You can learn more on our Medicaid applications page.

Making Medical and Financial Decisions

If your special needs child or adult is unable to make decisions regarding health care, financial or legal matters, someone will need to be designated to make decisions on their behalf. We can help you with this. If you have a child who was mentally or developmentally disabled before the age of 22, a 17A Guardianship will allow you to make decisions for that child.

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