Makofsky & Associates, P.C. can help you.

Statistics show that we are leading longer and fuller lives. With this comes the responsibility of ensuring the quality of life we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

You need a plan…one that is unique to your situation. At Makofsky & Associates, P.C. we have the special knowledge to help you develop the plan just right for you.

Our clients seek to:

Create… How can I create a will or trust that distributes my estate according to my wishes?
Preserve… How can I preserve my assets for my spouse, children, and grandchildren?
Protect… How can I protect my assets from medical costs and taxes?
Provide… How will I provide for my long-term care if it becomes necessary?
Manage… How will my financial affairs be managed if I become incapacitated?
Decide… Who will make medical decisions for me if I am unable to make them myself?
Safeguard… How can I safeguard the future of a disabled family member?


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